RPC + HR Acuity Deliver Effective Investigations Case Management



Too often, we see gaps in documentation after an employee relations issue arises. Whether it’s harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or general employee misconduct, proper documentation and case management are essential to protect your people and your brand.

When it comes to internal investigations, there can be a lot of unknowns, especially if your HR team hasn’t had the proper training. Results Performance Consulting has joined forces with HR Acuity to help address this issue in the workplace and offer a better way to handle employee relations cases.

HR Acuity’s comprehensive employee relations solution delivers years of experience, industry specific tools and an intuitive platform that anyone in the company can use

The solution offers:

  • Consistent documentation
  • Structured investigations
  • Meaningful analytics
  • Intuitive Interface

How to Get Started:

Fill out the form and we’ll work with you to understand the size of your organization, the number of HR managers and investigators who will use the system and the steps necessary to fully implement the software to your workplace. 

Once we have some of these basic details, we can provide pricing for the cost of setup and the software’s annual per-user fee. Additionally, we’ll take care of getting your team familiar and trained on how to use the system, so it’s up and running in no time!